These Are The Services We Provide:


  • House Spray-Painting
  • House Regular Painting
  • Stucco
  • Wood
  • Brick


  • Pre-Sale Painting
  • Post-Purchase Painting
  • Refreshing/Renovation
  • Damage Restoration and Painting


  • Emergency Damage Restoration Painting
  • Last Minute Painting
  • Emergency Recoloration
  • Newly Rented Painting

Commercial Painting

  • Shops Spray-Painting
  • Shops Spray-Painting
  • Shops Ceiling-Painting
  • Shops Floor-Painting

Our Rates:


$1.3 / square foot

Ideal for small touch-up jobs or pre-sale painting.

  • Two coats of paint
  • Doors one side (Two Coats)
  • Nine Feet Walls
  • Drop Sheets (Furniture)
  • Materials
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$1.5 / square foot

Ideal for renovations and giving your dwelling a new look.

  • Minor Wall Repairs
  • Sanding
  • Two Coats of Paint
  • Two Coats on Baseboards
  • Doors Both Sides (Two Coats)
  • Nine Feet Walls
  • Drop Sheets (Furniture)
  • Floor and Ceiling Edges Coverage
  • Materials
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Ideal for bigger jobs and anything requiring an entirely custom approach.

  • Major Wall Repairs
  • Sanding
  • 2+ Coats of Paint
  • 2+ Coats on Baseboards
  • 2+ Coats on Moldings
  • 9+ Feet Walls
  • Ceiling Painting
  • Doors Both Sides (2+ Coats)
  • Drop Sheets (Furniture)
  • Floor Plastic Coverage
  • Ceiling Edges and Lights Coverage
  • Outlets and Window Frames Coverage
  • Materials
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*The prices provided at the appointments include space prep, materials, light fixes and clean up. We provide variety of styles and can always assist you in creating design you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a 2-year limited warranty.
We guarantee 2-day finish for spaces under 2000sqft. For all projects timelines are provided at the time of quote.
In general we are booked for 2-3 weeks in advance, depending on your project and circumstances we can move you up. We also provide emergency services the day of or within 48 hours of you call.
Yes! We offer free colour consultations, make sure you have realistic expectations about the end results.
Your satisfaction is our priority! We communicate with you throughout the project and don’t leave until we are happy that you are happy.
We create payment schedules at the time of quote. In general we require 20-50% upfront, depending on project size and duration.